High-Octane Characters and Exciting Stories! 

Meet cousins Keeki Adaeze (AKA "the social girl") and Zuri Okoty (AKA "the boss"), as well as their childhood friend, Amirah Majeed (AKA "the planner"), as they embark together on a new venture: the opening of a hotly anticipated nightclub catering to A-listers, influencers and those in “the scene”.
Beautiful, creative and multi-talented children of West-African descent, well-known in their entourage for their unending energy and enthusiasm, our new friends have successfully created a space where celebrities and party-goers alike can gather and just have fun in a no-nonsense, party atmosphere. Come for the party, stay to be seen, you just never know who might show up next at Meteor!

Newly Re-Imagined and Highly Compatible Doll Body!

Meteor ladies feature a newly assembled doll body composed of the following components:
  • East 59th upper torso;
  • Slightly re-engineered Color Infusion lower torso;
  • Fashion Royalty/NU. Face arms and hands;
  • Newly developed legs compatible with Fashion Royalty and NU. Face shoes.
With this fantastic body combo, these beautiful fashionistas will be able to easily borrow outfits and shoes from other dolls in your collection! 


24K Shine Amirah Majeed™ Dressed Doll
24K Shine Amirah Majeed™ Dressed Doll CDN
Canadian & International Customers ONLY

24K Shine Amirah Majeed™ Dressed Doll
24K Shine Amirah Majeed™ Dressed Doll U.S.
U.S. Customers ONLY

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