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American Horror Story Coven™ The Official Collectible Doll Series

Portrayed by actor Evan Peters, Kyle Spencer is a native of New Orleans' Ninth Ward and has spent the years since Katrina supporting his single mother. Resurrected after a violent death, Kyle serves Miss Robichaux's Academy on American Horror Story: Coven™. Prior to his death, Kyle had a very caring and outgoing personality. While trying to protect Madison from his frat brothers at a party and trying to set things right for her, Kyle is killed by Madison's magic, along with most of his friends. Using powerful spells, Zoe and Madison brought him back from the dead, reconstructing his body from various parts. Once resurrected, Kyle acted more or less like a robot. He couldn't speak, merely grunting in order to communicate, and had very little control of his newly attached limbs. Since his reconstruction/resurrection, Kyle appears to have advanced physical strength (similar to Frankenstein's creation) by which he killed a man in his prime within seconds and easily broke the neck of a full grown German Shepherd, all bare handed. His is a story of human resilience... and putting the pieces back together. Kyle Spencer is a 12.5-inch fully articulated fashion figure with fully rooted hair. Kyle is dressed in the outfit the girls dressed him in after his awkward resurrection from the dead, which features a handsome plaid shirt, khakis, black shoes and a figure stand. Recommended for adult collectors ages 15 and up.
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