Little Luxuries Persimmon Authorized Dealer Display Doll

Little Luxuries Persimmon Authorized Dealer Display Doll

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Limited Edition 100


In 2002, Tonner Doll Company released the second and last set of Display Dolls, each wearing outfits from 2002. The dolls were dressed by the factory at the time the production had been completed for a particular style (only Tyler was used). Dolls were limited to 100 each style...and all 100 dolls were made in the same style. Most styles are similar to those appearing in the catalog images of the outfits. The dolls had gold wrist tags that said ‘Authorized Display Doll’ and the boxes also carried gold stickers saying the same thing. From 2002, in addition to the gold sticker, the dolls actually had printing on the box with the name of the doll that also said, ‘Display Doll’. The Display Dolls made for 2002 are as follows: City Tweed, Lake Shore Drive, New England Excursion, Dinner with Regina, Little Luxuries (Persimmon Version Only) & Patron of the Arts
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